Canaday’s legacy

the Ward and Mariam Canaday legacy extends around the world (and through their progeny, to the universe, thanks to Lyman Spitzer’s Hubble Telescope and camera, if that counts)

(The quotes below are taken from Ward and Mariam’s obituaries. Most clippings and letters are courtesy of the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections at the Carlson Library, University of Toledo, and the Local History Department of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.)

Ward Canaday, a native of New Castle, IN, made his mark in the world as a businessman and advertising executive who not only made money but spent it in ways to enhance the lives of others, supporting arts and educational programs, and donating buildings to both Harvard University and Bryn Mawr College.

Having been successful in a financial way, Ward Canaday was able to support endeavors that would better the lives of others. He had an interest in Greek archaeology and financed several excavations, including the ancient stoa of Attalos, a building near the Athens marketplace. When that site was dedicated as a museum in 1956, Ward and his wife were the personal representatives of President Eisenhower to the event and were the guests of the king and queen of Greece. The Canaday monument in South Mound is modeled on a Greek temple.

At the time of his death he was chairman emeritus of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. He donated a wing to the Toledo Art Museum and the Canaday Library building to Bryn Mawr College. In addition to donating a residence hall to Harvard University, he also endowed there a Japanese Fund for Peaceful Development that helps finance study in America by Japanese. He also sponsored a chair at Harvard “to encourage undergraduates to a broad literary acquaintance with the history of human culture.” — from Ward’s obituary on

The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections at the University of Toledo

University of Toledo Nuclear Engineering Department

Canaday Gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art

He donated a wing to the Toledo Art Museum…

The News Messenger Jan 13, 1984

The Toledo Area Artists Exhibition was held in the Canaday Gallery from 1983 to 2014.

Women’s and Children’s Hospital, became Riverside hospital, now merged into Mercy St. Anne

(a wing was donated…)

She was one of the first members and president of the Women’s Auxiliary of the former Women’s and Children’s Hospital, now Riverside Hospital in Toledo and continued to do volunteer work and host Auxiliary annual meetings in her home until her death.

The Mariam Coffin Canaday Library at Bryn Mawr College

The Canadays helped to expand the archeology department of Bryn Mawr College and were the largest single contributors to a new library dedicated in 1970. They gave $1 million to the project. It was named the Marian Coffin Canaday library. The college had given Mrs. Canaday a citation for distinguished service during his 75th anniversary convocation in 1960.

The Philadelphia Inquirer January 11, 1970
The Philadelphia Inquirer  April 12, 1970
The Philadelphia Inquirer  January 25, 2004

Wooster College Mateer Hall

Harvard’s Canaday Hall dormitory

Canaday Christmas card from 200 Harvard Freshmen, 1974

Canaday Humanities Fund at Harvard

At Harvard University, Mr. and Mrs. Canaday had established the Canaday Humanities Fund expected in 1965, to reach $1 million within a few years.

St. Croix in the Virgin Islands

In 1948 President Truman appointed him chairman of the United States section of the Caribbean Commission, and in 1949 he appointed him as one of the three directors of the Virgin Islands Corporation, an economic development agency. This appointment was renewed in 1953 by President Eisenhower.

Canaday brothers gift to First Christian Church in New Castle, Indiana

The rebuilding of the Stoa of Attalos in Athens, Greece

The Canadays were instrumental in excavating and restoring the ancient of Stoa at Attalos, a building at the Agora of ancient Athens. The buiding is now a museum of ancient artifacts. Mr. and Mrs. Canaday were personal representatives of President Dwight Eisenhower and the guests of King Paul and Queen Fredericka of Greece during the dedication of the museum in 1956.

Toledo tree for the Agora Grove in Athens, Greece

In 1953, Mrs. Canaday had planted a tree near the restoration site to replace the one believed to have been there during ancient times. A stone marker there commemorates the gift of the tree to Greece from the Greek community of Toledo.

Mrs. Canaday later received an award from the Queen who, with the King, met the Canadays at a state banquet in the White House. The Royal couple also visited the Canadays in Toledo.

Mrs. Canaday organized the Toledo chapter of the Archeological Institute of America and was past president of the chapter.

Doreen Canaday Spitzer Fellowship

Inlands, Ward and Mariam’s Normandy country house in Ottawa Hills, Ohio

The Normandy country house and the Canadays