First acquisition of the Artists of Toledo Museum (see paintings below)

Kathleen Nightengale contacted me through my website, and after some discussion, drove a trunk-load of artwork over to my house. Great Uncle Kenneth Tussing was born in 1906 and died in 1998, after which his life’s work was appraised and divided up among the family. He was a welder by day, painter by night, all of his life. Early on he studied with Karl Kappes, renowned teacher of many Toledo artists. He was also a member of the Art Klan, and friends with Earl North, Howard Schuler and Mark Shalow. Kathleen needed to give the paintings a good home, and I was thrilled to have the first acquisition of the Artists of Toledo Museum — not only are the paintings interesting as folk art, but they are also informed. The story of this artist is equally interesting. Until the Artists of Toledo Museum has its own four walls, I’ll look for a museum outpost, such as a restaurant or library, that can hang a temporary museum wall so that public can enjoy these paintings and the story.