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Tribute to James Machen (1929 – 2020)

James Machen and William Machen’s Painting Number 1. April 18, 2010.
David and Jim Machen posing next to their ancestor’s painting of the Ten-Mile Creek. February 19, 2012.
Jim Machen with his restored rendition of William Machen’s Station No. 4,  April 16, 2015.
I will really miss Jim Machen, who died on November 7, 2020 at the age of 91. He was the first person I met after I created this website in 2009. We worked together to try to get William H. Machen’s  Stations of the Cross restored that were damaged in a fire at the St. Francis Parish. Jim obtained permission for me to photograph the Stations, which the Bishop gave us “in an effort to preserve the paintings for posterity.” I put the photos on this website to raise awareness. We tried to raise money; we tried to get support, advice, or at least obtain an interview with the director of the art museum. When it didn’t seem likely that we would be able to restore the originals, Jim learned how to digitally retouch a set of low-res files of the photos and made a set of the 14 paintings printed on canvas at the request of Msgr. Kubacki to hang in St. Francis Parish. After the church had them for a year but did not hang them, Jim picked up the canvases and found a satisfying home for them – in a church in the Philippines.
Jim Machen’s William Machen’s restored Station No. 1 in a church in the Philippines, 2018.

Toledo in 1852 by William H. Machen. Gift to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library by James Machen in 1999.
Chosen for James Machen’s online Blade news obit is this very official yet very poignant photo from 1999 of the Toledo Lucas County Library commemorating James Machen and his gift of this painting, Toledo in 1852. 

Thanks to James Machen, a member of one of the oldest families in Toledo, we have paintings showing how Toledo looked at the very beginning. His great uncle, William H. Machen was Toledo’s earliest known artist, who migrated from Holland to Toledo in 1848. James Machen actively preserved his ancestor’s artwork and history. In doing so, he greatly honored his family, while also greatly honoring his community.

James Machen’s obituary, The Blade, November 11, 2020

James Machen’s family history going back to the twelfth century:

William H. Machen obituary, Toledo Times, 1911

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This is a very nice tribute to cousin Jim and to our ancestor, William Henry Machen.
I know Jim would be very pleased. Thank you Penny

I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Machen’s death and thank you so much for taking the time to post this tribute. W.H. Machen was my great-great-great- grandfather and more than one of my cousins had indicated that he has work(s) in the Toledo Museum of Art. Is this correct? (I couldn’t find any reference to him when searching on its website).

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