William H. Machen (1832-1911)

Peter Navarre, hero of the War of 1812. A lifesize painting, painted from life when Navarre was 80 years old. Collection of the Toledo Lucas County Library.

A remarkable recordkeeping book written in Machen’s hand, spanning from 1852 to 1907. It documents over 3,000 of his paintings. Machen Collection of the Toledo-Lucas County Library
Jim Machen in 2010 holding William Machen’s first painting, painted in 1852.
Machen painted his first set of Stations for St. Mary’s Church in 1859-1860.
Machen painted a set of Stations for St. Francis Church between 1866 and 1873.
The Blade, October 7, 1970. Builders Retouch Land Canvas